Pre press

Here at Dennis Maps, we believe that the print journey begins the moment your artwork arrives with us. Our Pre Press department is where your ideas begin their transition from digital files to a printed product that delivers your creative vision.

Large format digital printing

Our large format digital printing and finishing capability allows us to produce your printing project very flexibly and to order, in quantities of one and above.

We have developed a set of map formats so that you can print a single map or chart simply and cost effectively in colour.

Large Format Litho Printing

Large format litho printing is essential for the production of large paper maps. The increased size of paper enables a superb amount of cartographic detail to be reproduced in a way that is just not possible on a smaller sheet of paper or on the screen of an electronic device.

Small format digital printing

Here at Dennis Maps we’re well known for our large format digital printing, but did you know that we also offer small format digital printing?

Small format printing offers great flexibility and is a cost-effective choice when you need only a small quantity printed.

Map finishing

Map finishing is a very technical process, requiring great skill and expertise, both of which our experienced team possess. It is at this stage that the printed map is transformed into the final product by a variety of very specialised and niche equipment.

Our range of specialised map finishing equipment is the most comprehensive in the UK, if not the world.

If you need any more information about any of our products please get in touch