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Folded maps with a separate cover

Folded maps with a separate cover

A folded map with a separate cover attached is one of the classic styles of British map production and is used by OS for all of their paper maps, including the iconic Explorer and Landranger series.

The folded map will usually be printed on paper rather than a synthetic material. The separate cover provides protection during general use, and also some resistance against the weather.

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Folded maps with an integral cover

Folded maps with an integral cover

Folded maps with integral covers are a style of map production that is also very popular and provides an extremely cost-effective solution. The map cover is incorporated within the design of the map sheet, allowing the map to be created from one large sheet of paper.

This means that the size options are very flexible, allowing you to create a map that is easy to fit into your pocket or bag.

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large format posters

Large Format Posters

Large format posters are an effective and versatile way of advertising your business or drawing attention to your latest promotional campaign.

They can be one of the best ways of delivering your message, whether it’s to a mass audience or a target market.

So, when size does matter and you need a large format poster, Think Dennis Maps – we can help design and deliver the perfect solution for you and your business.

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Custom Made Maps

Custom Made Maps

A Custom Made map can be used to mark a special event, such as a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding location, or a much-loved holiday destination.

Or it could be something as simple as where you take your dog for their favourite walk.

Custom Made maps are a fantastic gift for all map users.

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Encapsulated maps

Encapsulated maps

An encapsulated map is a map that is sealed between two sheets of plastic film.

Encapsulated maps are more rigid and heavier than laminated maps of the same size. This means that they are waterproof and are not affected by changes in humidity.

This protects the map, providing fantastic durability and creating a really tough outer layer that is able to withstand the harshest of weather conditions.

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wall maps

Wall maps

Wall maps are a great way of portraying many different themes. Physical world maps, for example, can show many of the natural features of our world such as mountains, rivers, rain forests, glaciers, deserts and sea depths.

Political maps may include a list of countries with basic information such as national borders, major cities, flags and time zones.

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Small Format Digital Printing

Small Format Digital Printing

Here at Dennis Maps we’re well known for our large format digital printing, but we do also offer small format digital printing.

This offers great flexibility and is a cost-effective choice when you need only a small quantity printed.

We understand that every customer’s needs are different, whether you need just a few flyers or something a little more complex.

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