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We’re committed to helping protect our planet. That’s why we’re constantly looking at ways to create change in our business. “We want to do things differently and are committed to investing the time and resources into creating change,” says Steve Burry, MD of Dennis Maps. Here’s an overview of the actions we’ve taken so far.

Working towards net zero

We’re on an important journey to achieving net zero. So far, we’ve:

  • Calculated our CO2 emissions and zoned in on areas of the business that require improvement.
  • Started lowering our emissions and offsetting them where this isn’t possible.
  • Made sure all our map paper and cover boards are carbon balanced, with emissions offset through Climate Partner and a programme with the World Land Trust.

Supporting a tree-mendous charity

Our business ultimately benefits the Heart of England Forest Charity. We’re co-owned by the Felix Dennis estate, the legacy of entrepreneur Felix Dennis, who realised his dream of creating a forest in the heart of England. The forest now has two million trees and is still growing! It’s spread over 7,000 acres and includes a variety of habitats.

Our commitment

We’ve committed to standards that help us become more environmentally responsible. We’ve been awarded the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard, an important framework that supports us on our mission to be more sustainable. In 2021, we became a Partner Member of Two Sides, signing up to its Mission and Principles, an agreement to reduce our environmental impact.

Making our materials greener

We’re also committed to making our materials more environmentally friendly.

  • We use FSC© certified paper and card, from sustainably managed forests, for all our products.
  • We’ve started using an alternative solution to clean our printing presses. The new solution contains 50% less neat alcohol, improving carbon emissions.
  • All our inks are vegetable based, which means they’re sustainably sourced and easier to remove during the recycling process.

Speaking of recycling…

We place great emphasis on effective recycling of our materials. Some of the steps we’ve taken include:

  • Sending toner from our digital printers to our equipment suppliers, where it’s recycled.
  • Using TerraCycle’s Zero Waste Boxes to recycle protective gloves and face masks.
  • Packaging all our products with paper tape and cardboard that are 100% recyclable.
  • Making our waterproof and weatherproof maps recyclable. They’re incredibly durable and last for many years but they can eventually be recycled too.

Reducing waste

It’s unavoidable that the print production process creates a certain amount of waste, but we carefully control it in several ways:

  • We segregate our waste streams as much as possible, to reduce the amount of waste that heads to landfill.
  • We’ve created seven categories for our paper and card waste stream, with individual bins for each category. This waste is recycled, and Kimberly-Clark then uses it to create a range of products.
  • Much of the non-recyclable waste is moved to a specialist centre, where it’s treated and exposed to high temperatures. Energy created by the process is sent to the National Grid.

And that’s not all…

Our factory, in Frome, Somerset now has a solar PV array. This went fully operational in December 2022 and could potentially provide about 30% of our electricity.

solar pv

We also installed efficient LED bulbs throughout the factory as well as installing power factor correction and advanced harmonic filtration systems, to maintain the efficiency of our electricity supply.

Future proofing our factory

We’re looking forward to a sustainable future for our factory and have made improvements accordingly. We’re also looking into replacing our traditional heating system with a more energy efficient one. And of course, we’re continually working with our suppliers to source greener materials and products. Watch this space.