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Large format posters are an effective and versatile way of advertising your business or drawing attention to your latest promotional campaign.

Large format posters can be one of the best ways of delivering your message, whether it’s to a mass audience or a target market.

So, when size does matter and you need a large format poster, Think Dennis Maps – we can help design and deliver the perfect solution for you and your business.

  • Our large format posters are perfect for a variety of uses and come in all sizes up to our custom size of 1050mm x 1485mm. Whether you are planning a large-scale promotion or need posters printing for multiple locations, our expert team will be able to help.
  • Our large format litho printing press, a KBA Rapida 162a, ensures that you always receive the best value for money. Quite simply, the more that you order – the lower the price.
  • Our standard paper stock is a matt-coated 115gsm, which is, of course, FSC certified.
  • One of our unique selling points is that we are able to fold large format posters down to an easy-to-use size. For example, our maximum size of 1050mm x 1485mm, folds neatly down to A4, which turns your large format poster into a fantastic folded promotional product.
  • In fact, if you prefer, we can even start with the final folded size and work with you to create your design, from the inside out.
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Large Format Posters – FAQs

Common sizes for large format posters

Poster sizeWidth in mmLength in mmRequired pixels at 300 dpi
Dennis Maps
Custom Size
1050mm1485mm17539 x 12402 px
A0841mm1189mm9933 x 14043 px
A1594mm841mm7016 x 9933 px
A2420mm594mm4961 x 7016 px
A3297mm420mm3508 x 4961 px
A4210mm297mm2480 x 3508 px

The bleed serves as a margin for possible trimming differences when cutting the printed product to its final size.

The bleed for large format posters is 3 mm. It is also good practice to allow important information to be at least 3 mm away from the final trim size.

Posters are generally delivered flat, but can also be rolled and inserted into tubes.

And of course, as mentioned previously, our specialist expertise in large format folding means that your poster can be folded down to a size that is perfect for you and your requirements.

Dennis Maps are able to offer a complete end to end service, whereby we not only print and fold your poster, but we can also:

  • source the presentation box
  • arrange any logos or text that you might require to be printed on the box
  • package it neatly with tissue paper and personalised stickers (if required)
  • send the finished article to you or to your desired clients

Please get in touch with our experienced team to obtain your personalised quote.

There are a number of sites to obtain images from; they include Getty Images, Unsplash, Shutterstock, iStock and 500px. Please note that some of these sites will require you to purchase the required image.

If you require assistance with image selection, please get in touch with our experienced team, who will be happy to assist you.

The poster can be printed on both sides or just the one side, depending on your needs.

If you require assistance to help you decide whether double or single sided is most suitable option for your needs, please get in touch with our experienced team.

Our team is flexible and we are usually able to accommodate most requests that fall within the capabilities of our machine.

Please get in touch with our experienced team now to discuss your personalised requirements.

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