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Large Format Digital Printing from Dennis Maps – Endless Possibilities

What’s so good about large format digital printing?

Our large format digital printing and finishing capability allows us to produce your printing project very flexibly and to order, in quantities of one and above.

We have developed a set of map formats so that you can print a single map or chart simply and cost effectively in colour.

Why could CrystalPoint be the right solution for you?

  • Cost effective – CrystalPoint technology is very cost effective compared to conventional inkjet solutions.
  • Immediate drying – The prints can be finished straightaway, whether that is trimming, folding or packing.
  • Perfect for outdoor use – The durability of the finished product makes it a great choice for maps, charts and posters.
  • A range of media options – Our large format digital print technology offers plain paper, specialised map paper, poster paper, recycled paper, Tyvek (tear proof and waterproof), self-adhesive film and canvas.
  • A very sustainable solution – there are no ozone emissions, no odour, no system contamination by powder or ink and minimal waste disposal in our digital print technology. The toner waste is solid and completely non-toxic, and can be disposed of as part of the regular waste stream.

By utilising our large format digital print capability, you can enjoy the benefits of both toner and ink jet technology.

When you choose to work with Dennis Maps, you really do get the best of both worlds.

How does CrystalPoint work?

Océ CrystalPoint works on the principle of Solid In – Solid out, which provides a clean system without the use of any solvents.

Océ TonerPearls are small, solid pearls that are used instead of ink. The pearls are round and easily roll into the printer.

The TonerPearls come in see-through cartridges, so you can always see the remaining toner level per colour that is in the printer.

Once the TonerPearls are fed into the printer, they are heated into a toner gel. This gel is then fired onto the media by the Imaging Devices. The gel droplets are positioned with extreme precision and keep their shape even on recycled paper.

This ensures crisp print quality with no feathering of the image, as is sometimes the case when using conventional inkjet print technology.

The toner gel will start crystallising only after it comes into contact with the media. After crystallisation, the toner is extremely well bonded to the media.

Equipment used for large format digital printing services

Our large format digital printers are colour profiled to match our large format litho print quality allowing flexibility of choice between the two technologies. Whether you’re looking to print a map or a poster, we can provide the perfect solution for your requirements.

  • Our large format print technology consists of two Canon ColorWave 3800 digital print devices.
  • The ColorWave is a very flexible printer, designed for a wide variety of graphic arts applications, including maps and charts, CAD drawings, posters, self-adhesive films and canvas prints for framing.
  • Our large format digital printers use CrystalPoint toner technology, which offers high quality, instantly dry and waterproof prints on uncoated, thick and custom media.

We can also digitally print in smaller formats

Our medium format digital print equipment prints up to a size of SRA 3 (which is 450mm x 320mm).

The Ricoh Pro C7200 can be used to print flyers, leaflets, or map covers. These map covers are a separate card cover with a laminate finish.