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Dennis Maps are the World Leaders in Map Finishing

What is map finishing?

Map finishing is a very technical process, requiring great skill and expertise, both of which our experienced team possess. It is at this stage that the printed map is transformed into the final product by a variety of very specialised and niche equipment.

Our range of specialised map finishing equipment is the most comprehensive in the UK, if not the world.

Whether you’d like your map delivered flat, rolled into a tube, folded, or folded with a cover, our expert team will work with you to find the perfect solution.

Why is Dennis Maps the perfect map finishing solution for you?

It’s because our wide range of map finishing equipment offers you the perfect blend of quality, price and fast production schedules that few in the world can match.

We realise that map finishing is very specialised and that’s why our friendly team of experts will be able to advise you on the many different options that are available.

The stages of map finishing

1. Map trimming

The first stage of map finishing is to trim the printed map to size. Don’t worry, we don’t use a large pair of scissors, we have two large format guillotines that allow us to do this:

  • Schneider Senator 137H CT Guillotine with auto waste removal and full ancillary equipment
  • Schneider Senator 155 TCV Guillotine

2. Map folding

This is an art form in its own right and to allow us to work our magic, we have four specialised map folding machines that offer a wide variety of fold configurations, all from one large sheet of paper.

Our two large format map folders are the only machines of this type in the UK:

  • Stahl GD 142 T specialised map folding machine (2/2,5/5 + knife unit)
  • Stahl GF 142 BGL specialised map folding machine (2/2,5/5 + knife unit)

We also have two other map folding machines:

  • MBO T-130 Large Format Folding Machine
  • MBO T-800 Medium Format Folding Machine

3. Lamination of cover

If your map has a separate cover, this will usually be laminated after printing. You can choose either a gloss or matt effect finish. The lamination machine that we use to do this is the Billhoefer 102.

4. Die-cutting and creasing of the cover

The laminated cover will then need to be die-cut and creased to final size before it is ready to be joined to the map. We use two Heidelberg SBG Cylinder machines to die-cut and crease our covers.

5. Joining the map cover to the folded map

This is the most exciting part! To do this, we use our amazing CMC Map Finishing machine, which is very specialised and almost unique – believe it or not, it is one of only two in the world!

See it in action here!

6. Optional – encapsulation (waterproofing)

If you wish to print your map on regular paper, but would also like it to be waterproof, then you may want to consider our encapsulation service. This process applies a protective film to both sides of a map and cover, which ensures that the final product is both waterproof and tear proof. Which means that your map is ready for whatever the weather may throw at it.

We use two encapsulation machines, which are:

  • Galaxy 1100 Map Encapsulation Line
  • Galaxy 540 Map Cover Encapsulation Line

How can we help you?

Whether you would like to discuss folding patterns, what is involved in having a separate map cover, or just want to discuss the different map finishing options, then please do contact us.