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Here at Dennis Maps we’re well known for our large format digital printing, but did you know that we also offer small format digital printing?

What is small format digital printing?

Small format printing offers great flexibility and is a cost-effective choice when you need only a small quantity printed.

We understand that every customer’s needs are different, whether you need just a few flyers or something a little more complex.

Our small format digital print technology

Our small format digital print equipment prints up to a size of SRA 3 (which is 450mm x 320mm).

We use our Ricoh Pro C7200 to print a variety of products.

Our small format digital print technology can be tailored to meet your requirements.

Small format print products

  • Flyers and leaflets – a fantastic way to get your message out there, whether you’re looking to advertise a business, event or a new product. Whether you’re just looking for a few flyers, or need to print a 1000, we have a solution for you.
  • Small posters – a powerful way to connect with clients and they can also be used with other marketing efforts to reinforce your campaign. Small format posters are the perfect choice for using on notice boards. (If, however, you’re looking for large posters to be printed, please visit our Large Poster page).
  • Business cards – the perfect way to introduce you and your company and to share your details with potential clients. Your business cards can be printed on one or two sides and can be gloss or matt laminated if required.
  • Pocket size maps – if you’re looking for a small map that will easily fit into a pocket, we are able to offer these in various sizes, papers and folding options.

The benefits of small format digital print technology

  • Print quality that is comparable to litho.
  • A wide range of media weights up to 360gsm.
  • High quality print output at an affordable cost.
  • Ability to offer a quick turnaround from order to delivery.