Files FAQs

 DPI is the amount of ink dots per inch; 300 dots per inch is the required standard for printed material. Anything below this may not be a good enough resolution for printing.

All images should be 300 dpi.

All you need do is submit your file and we’ll get back to you within a day or two to let you know if your file is ready to print.

Ideally, we would like your files in a PDF format.

There are many different ways for you to supply files to us.  We recommend using your online account to upload files directly to us. 

If you’d prefer to stick to what you know, then we can also accept files via e-mail or WeTransfer.

WeTransfer is free and is pretty much the same as e-mailing, except that you can send larger files.

You should receive your proof either next day or the following day from when you supplied your file/s to us.

This happens quite regularly. Clients and customers may find a spelling mistake or a correction that needs to be made.

It’s not a problem. Supply a new file to us and we will send you either a new printed proof or an electronic proof as soon as possible.

Please note: your quote includes one printed proof. If your amendments are many, we will let you know first and if you want us to continue, we will need to charge you for additional pre-press time and the extra proof(s).

Please get in touch if you have any other questions and our team will be happy to help

Can you produce encapsulated maps?

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FAQs what Maps sizes can you produce?
Encapsulated maps - OS Explorer Bristol and Bath