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In this category of The Great Outdoors are blog posts that explore the maps and activities that help you to #GetOutside, to use the hashtag created by Ordnance Survey that’s become very popular on social media.

We’re fortunate here at Dennis Maps in that not only do we work with wonderful partners who have lots of experience in enjoying The Great Outdoors, some of our staff have also contributed their knowledge and passion for outdoor hobbies.

And of course we are partly owned by the Estate of Felix Dennis, which operates for the benefit of the Heart of England Forest Registered Charity. Felix Dennis was a publishing entrepreneur with an ambition to reintroduce broadleaf trees to the English landscape. The small wood he planted in 1996 now extends to almost 4000 acres and provides a peaceful setting in The Great Outdoors for walking and woodland education.

What better place to get into The Great Outdoors than one of the National Parks? In 2019, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of their creation, we printed a poster for Ordnance Survey showing them in the natural colours used in old maps, but with a contemporary 3D appearance.

But it’s not just the countryside that offers the chance for exploration and adventures in The Great Outdoors – the London National Park City map we printed for social enterprise Urban Good shows all the green and blue spaces in the capital.

And we offer many tips and suggestions for planning your walks in The Great Outdoors, perhaps from your own front door, for getting away from the crowds, and understanding the Countryside Code.