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Dennis Maps takes environmental responsibility very seriously, in both our systems and the raw materials we use.

We are jointly owned by the Estate of Felix Dennis (operating for the benefit of the Heart of England Forest Registered Charity) and Ordnance Survey. The Heart of England Forest stretches from the Forest of Arden to the Vale of Evesham, covering over 3000 acres.

We have the full ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard accreditation, which enables us to manage our environmental responsibilities effectively and also provide value to our clients.

We only use 100% FSC© paper. This is a global forest certification system that allows us to source and use paper from well-managed forests. Our other raw materials are equally carefully chosen:

Our vegetable-based inks are made from vegetable oil or soybeans, which actually reduce the CO2 levels in the air and so fight climate change. These raw materials are much kinder to both the environment and the staff who handle them, and have the benefit of being easier to remove during the recycling process.

We use cardboard packaging that is 100% recyclable, and are working to replace other raw materials with more sustainable alternatives. For example, to swap the plastic tape that seals our boxes with paper tape.

We recycle waste toner from our digital print machines through our equipment suppliers.

We are replacing the lighting in our factory with an LED system, and looking into running the entire factory on solar energy.

We are committed to looking after the planet and constantly look for improvements in our methods and raw materials.