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Dennis Maps is a world leader in map printing and chart production. Working with clients large and small, we print over two million products a year from our base in Frome, Somerset, in the UK. We are the trusted print partner of Ordnance Survey and print the much-loved Explorer and Landranger Series.

These folded maps with separate covers are a British classic. We can also produce maps with an integral cover incorporated into the design of the map sheet. These products can be made from one large sheet of paper, which keeps the cost down.

Our encapsulated maps are sealed between two sheets of plastic film to make them waterproof even in the harshest weather. This is a product that can cope with the most extreme outdoor sports, such as orienteering.

You may not be aware that you can buy your own Custom made Ordnance Survey map, centred on the location of your choice, such as your house or a favourite destination. You can also choose the map title and a photo for the cover. Not surprisingly, our Custom made products are very popular presents for Christmas, anniversaries and other special occasions.

Our map product range also includes wall maps, a great way to visualise the world on one sheet of paper. We use a large format printing press to print our wall maps, so you can have a map of up to 1050mm x 1485mm, which will make quite an impact. We can laminate or encapsulate your map to make it waterproof.

The large format printing press is also used to print large format posters, often used in marketing and advertising. And of course we also offer small format digital printing for cost effectiveness and flexibility if you only need a small amount of products.