With 2024 here, we catch up with outdoor experts to find out their new year’s resolutions for the great outdoors. Have a read for plenty of inspiration for your own adventures this year!

Tara Kelsall

Tara Kelsall, Wild Swim Coach at Wild Swimming Woman

“Wild swimming is my business and my passion. My new year’s resolution for 2024 is to explore the UK more and do more walks to discover new wild swimming spots. I’m also planning to return to my favourite beach ever, in the Outer Hebrides. I’m looking forward to going to some classic sea pools this year, including Clevedon Marine Lake and Dancing Ledge in Dorset as well.”

James Wood

James Wood, Director and Lead Forager, Totally Wild Food LTD

“This year I’m planning to explore and play around with wild fermentation. There are vast health benefits to wild and foraged ingredients, and when we begin fermenting them these are increased. I’ll be starting with sea spinach, which is the big brother of loads of species we eat like spinach, chard, beetroot and more. I can’t wait to, quite literally, tuck into this!”

Alice KershawAlice Kershaw, representative of The Wildlife Trusts

“In 2024, my new year’s resolution is to embrace the outdoors more through focused activities, such as outdoor swimming and bouldering. Engaging directly and viscerally with nature and wildlife enhances my physical and mental wellbeing, which is something that The Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild challenge back in June made me more aware of. I particularly enjoyed taking time to listen to the call of the birds and spotting their roosts in city trees. Exploring different landscapes and waterscapes isn’t always easy to do, but I hope that by committing to it as a resolution, I will get out there more.”

Mya Rose Craig

Dr Mya-Rose ‘Birdgirl’ Craig

“I love birds and birdwatching, which have given me joy since I could remember. For the last three years, I’ve been busy studying at Cambridge University and haven’t had much time to go out into the countryside birding. My new year’s resolution is that once I finish at Cambridge in the summer, I will try and see a scarce bird each month, ones that I haven’t seen in the UK for at least three years.”

Liz NelstropLiz Nelstrop, Outdoor Experiences Consultant at the National Trust

“My resolution for 2024 is to enjoy more fresh air and adventure with walking groups on National Trust landscapes and beyond. They’re led by our volunteers or by local community organisations, for example, Black Girls Hike, Muslim Hikers or Mason Mile. I always learn new routes, see amazing places and feel completely uplifted from the warmth and joy of the other participants I meet.”

Jeff KnottJeff Knott, Director of Policy and Advocacy at the RSPB

“I grew up by the coast and there’s nothing like the big horizons, dynamic environment and bracing winds to freshen up the mind and body. My new year’s resolution is to make more time to get to some of the amazing coastal nature reserves across the UK, from Arne to Minsmere, Ramsey Island, Lough Foyle, and Dunnet Head, and to soak up all of the sights and sounds of our wild seaside. “

Jane Fox Jane Fox, DofE Manager at Beechen Cliff School in Bath

“This year I’m hoping to have many more outdoor adventures with friends and my collie dog, Tipi. Hopefully some long-distance trails, camping and lots of cake and coffee stops! We also can’t wait to have more adventures with DofE groups on expeditions, from the Mendips to the Lake District. It’s shaping up to be a fun, action packed 2024!”

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