Did you know that Dennis Maps prints over two million maps and charts every year? We’ve been lucky to produce plenty of interesting and unique maps in 2023. Here are a small selection of them:

a year in mapsBorder Riding

We’ve seen many maps over the years but never a map that’s a game too! Border Riding is inspired by a tradition from the Scottish Borders, called Common Riding. The annual festivals are a tradition that began in times of war, when communities reasserted their borders from armies and land-stealing lords. Over centuries, the practice has become a festival that takes place to this day.

Take part in the game to map a village’s story and ride through its history. It’s about exploring the boundaries of a community, through the rather unusual medium of a large hiker’s map. All the rules can be found on the illustrated map, which can be unfolded and refolded at different stages of the game, or spread out across a table for a fuller view. You’ll work collaboratively with friends to create a community, with its own landmarks and boundaries. The thought-provoking game will make you think about what this community defines as “us” and “them”, exploring how borders can divide communities.

a year in mapsStrumpshaw, Tincleton & Giggleswick’s Solid Gold Great British Bucket List Map

The latest release from Marvellous Maps is a golden opportunity to explore the UK. The Solid Gold Great British Bucket List Map covers the best bits of Britain to add to your personal bucket list. Inside the two-sided map you’ll find wild and beautiful places to explore, from mountains to beaches, with family-friendly options included too. There are plenty of festivals and events to discover, as well as places made famous by films, TV, music and literature. Handily, it contains plenty of random info to keep on hand for your next pub quiz, from the meaning of an Arbroath smokie to the location of Britain’s highest pub (the Tan Hill Inn at 528m above sea level, so now you know).

After a challenge? The map includes long-distance cycling, walking, road and train routes, both famous and not-so-famous. From the Cape Wrath Trail to Offa’s Dyke Path, there are plenty of epic routes where you can see the best our islands have to offer. It’s a map that’s sure to leave you smitten with Britain.

Image Slow Ways - Walking network 1st edition
Image Slow Ways – Walking network 1st edition

Slow Ways – Walking network (2nd edition)

We were excited to print the 2nd edition of the popular Slow Ways – Walking network map this year. The map plots a national network of walking routes that join up Great Britain’s cities, towns, villages and national parks – quite an achievement! It’s a giant citizen geography project, with the network drawn and co-created by thousands of volunteers, alongside social enterprise Urban Good CIC. It now covers more than 120,000km and over 8,000 routes.

The bold and beautiful map is designed to inspire you to plan and share your journeys. You can use it to find routes between neighbouring places or to combine journeys and walk longer distances. The 2nd edition has a few improvements, including updated routes and extra settlements. Notably, it’s now double-sided, with all Great Britain on one sheet, instead of two sheets with the 1st edition. You can now easily see the whole of Great Britain on one map, and colour in the routes you’ve completed.

a year in mapsThe Bath 5k Map

You probably know Bath’s tourist hotspots, from the Royal Crescent to the Roman Baths. The Bath 5k Map delves further, presenting undiscovered walking routes, to take you off the beaten path. The beautifully illustrated map features 20 routes that are all circular and 5k, covering everything from wild swimming spots to scenic woodland. Pubs and cafes are featured too, for when you need some refreshments. If you subscribe online, you’ll have access to even more walks in and around Bath as well.

The map was dreamed up by local resident Annie Legge, to encourage people to improve their wellbeing by getting into the great outdoors. “It’s all about mental health and wellness, and that is ultimately the heart of this.,” Annie told the BBC. And the best bit? 100% of profits go to charities Off the Record and Mentoring Plus, which support young people’s mental health in Bath and beyond.

dartmoor folklore mapThe Dartmoor Folklore Map

Phantom hounds, pixies and witches – The Dartmoor Folklore Map shows the moor as a place full of magic and mystery. The illustrated map, by artist Ethan Pennell, explores the area’s folk tales, transporting you to the mist-shrouded, many-hued Dartmoor. Open it – if you dare.

Over seven years, Ethan spoke to locals, scoured specialist libraries and archives and visited locations in his local Dartmoor to pull together the magical map. “I hope the stories can help people feel more of a connection to the mysteries of Dartmoor and the moor itself,” says Ethan. It really is a map that brings Dartmoor’s magic to life.

a year in mapsThe Mappa Discworld

This metre-high map is a must-have for fans of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. It captures all the colourful creations and characters from the iconic series of books. The map has already become something of a fan favourite and it’s easy to see why. It goes further than geography, bringing the books’ people, history, legends, commodities and myths to life, with its stunning illustrations.

This is the first time all the Discworld stories have been included on one map. “It offers readers of Terry’s work a chance to explore Discworld in minute detail,” says Ian Mitchell, the map’s creator. With so much to see, fans can spend hours exploring the map, spotting plenty of references from the much-loved series.

Dennis Maps is one of the leading map printers in the world, producing more than two million maps and charts every year. We offer comprehensive pre-press services, large format print solutions using both large format litho printing and large format digital print technologies, plus specialised map folding and map finishing techniques.

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