Are you looking for a unique way to see the world on a single sheet of paper? Then a wall map could be the solution. At Dennis Maps, we’ve produced a variety of wall maps over the years, for homes, offices, schools and other locations. We use a specialist large format litho printing press to create them and can print to an incredibly large size to meet your needs.

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Wonderful wall maps

The wonderful thing about wall maps is that they can portray a variety of themes. Physical wall maps display many natural geographical features, such as rivers, mountains and sea depths. Political maps can include lists of countries and information such as key cities, national borders and time zones. Communications maps can be used to depict major road, rail and sea connections. We even print wall maps for Ordnance Survey that feature UK administrative counties and boundaries, plus parliamentary constituencies. As you can see, there are lots of options for wall maps!

Notably, wall maps are popular educational tools in schools, but they can be just as useful at home or in the workplace. They’re not only practical but can also act as a focal point for a room and an attractive design feature.

Wall map projections

There are several projections used for creating wall maps of the world. All of them highlight that cartographers have to make compromises when depicting our three-dimensional planet on a two-dimensional sheet of paper. Here are the three main projections we commonly print on wall maps:

  • The Eckert Projection – countries are accurately sized but with their shapes distorted.
  • The Miller Projection – countries have their correct shape but are not sized to scale. Those close to the north pole and south pole are shown larger than they are.
  • The Lambert Projection – countries are accurately sized but their shapes are slightly distorted.

Of course, we can print other projections if you’d prefer – get in touch to see what we can do!


Encapsulation vs lamination – what’s the difference?

At Dennis Maps we can encapsulate or laminate your wall map. You may have heard the two terms used interchangeably, but encapsulated maps and laminated maps are actually completely different products. Unsure of the best option to choose? Here are the key differences:

  • Encapsulated maps – these maps are sealed between two sheets of plastic film. They’re more heavy and rigid than their laminated equivalents. Importantly, they’re waterproof and tearproof too.
  • Laminated maps – these maps are coated with a thin layer of plastic film, usually on their printed side. This plastic film is glossy, enhancing the look of the wall map. It also makes the map more robust. Laminated maps can be written on with some erasable marker pens. These wall maps can be made waterproof if they’re laminated on both sides.

It’s useful to consider both options when choosing the best finish for your wall map.

Planet protecting packaging

After your map is printed, we’ll roll it and package it in a tube ready for delivery. We’re committed to protecting our planet and this is reflected in our packaging choices. All our wall maps are packaged using recyclable cardboard and paper tape. And our map paper is carbon balanced as well. So, when you print your map with us, you can rest assured that you’re helping the environment too.

Here to help

Got any questions? Then do get in touch. We’re always here to help.

os maps apollo moon landing

Case study: Ordnance Survey Apollo 11 Landing Map

We’re used to printing a variety of maps, but one map we printed was really out of this world! We were tasked with printing the Ordnance Survey Apollo 11 Landing Map, an exciting project for the team. We were honoured to produce the map to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s first venture onto the moon. The unique document is focused on a large section of the moon’s near surface, where Apollo 11 landed. We printed the map in a variety of formats, including a large wall map, for customers to marvel at the moon.


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