At Dennis Maps we print an array of modern maps and wall maps, but did you know we produce historical ones too? Over the years we’ve printed a range of historical maps, that all offer a fascinating insight into the past. Here’s a selection of some of the ones we’ve had the pleasure of printing.

Ordnance Survey Apollo 11 Landing Map

Now here’s a map that’s out of this world! We were thrilled to print the Apollo 11 Landing Map to mark the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s first steps on the moon. The unique document has been created with height data provided by NASA and captured by the Kaguya Terrain Camera and Lunar Orbiter laser Altimeter, then shaded to depict heights. On the map you’ll find a large area of the moon’s near surface, centred on where Apollo 11 landed. There are several versions of the map available to buy. We recommend displaying it on your wall, where you can always marvel at the moon.

Apollo 11 map

William Smith 1815 Geological Map

William ‘Strata’ Smith is commonly referred to as ‘The Father of English Geology’ for his ground-breaking 1815 map. We worked with the British Geological Survey to reproduce the renowned document, which mapped the geology of England, Wales and part of Scotland for the first time. Originally, the map was printed in 15 sections, each of which was folded into six panels, due to the limited size of printing presses in the early 1800s. Its original scale was five miles to the inch, making the whole map a humungous eight feet high by six feet wide. Luckily, it was never printed as one sheet! This reproduction has been created at roughly half scale, a more manageable size that still captures the beauty and features of the original map.


One of the copies of the 1815 prints of the map, held by the Natural History Museum, London.
Copyright Trustees of the Natural History Museum, London

Bradshaw’s Railway Map Great Britain and Ireland – 1852

This large map is a fascinating depiction of railway routes and stations as they were in Great Britain and Ireland in 1852. It’s a detailed reproduction of the rare original, and features enlarged plans of key urban areas, including London, Glasgow and Manchester. We produced the map on 90gsm Progeo paper, a media developed specifically for map printing, giving the Railway Map a high opacity. It’s also durable when folded due to its cross grain – and will last for years to come.

bradshaws maps

OS Historical Roman Britain

This map offers an important insight into one of the defining periods of British history – Britain under Roman rule. It’s split into North and South sheets covering the entirety of Great Britain, highlighting roads, cities and ancient monuments. Key events, dates and archaeological evidence are featured too. OS Historical Roman Britain includes plenty of information about life in Roman Britain, to immerse you in the period. Get your copy, to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home or out and about discovering Roman Britain.

The Great British History Map

Travel back to bygone Britain with the Great British History Map, part of Strumpshaw, Tincleton & Giggleswick’s Marvellous Maps series. From the Viking-plundered north to the Jurassic south coast, it’s full of insights into the past that’ll inspire your future adventures. The full-colour, two-sided map is packed with more than 600 castles, forts, monuments, sacred spots and hives of industry. It brings history to life with 250 must-visit museums, festivals and events, as well. Look out for some timeless trivia too – there are plenty of historical facts to learn. Pick it up for a real blast from the past.

Great British History Map

Tudor London The City and Southwark in 1520, Second Edition

Step back in time to London and its suburbs as they were in the early 16th century. The 1520 map captures a long-lost city, before the dissolution of the monasteries, the Great Fire of London, and WW2 bombing, among other events, wiped out many of its buildings. In this best-selling map you’ll find London’s taverns, parish churches, company halls, commercial buildings and houses, contrasted with green fields surrounding the city walls. Flip to the reverse of the map for further details, including a directory of buildings and streets, a map of the city’s wards, and explanations of the map’s historical features. It’s worth noting that it’s a modern map depicting the history of London, rather than a reproduction of an old map.

Tudor London Map

OS Historical Ancient Britain

Ordnance Survey’s (OS) map of Ancient Britain is packed with ancient archaeological sites and monuments for you to discover. You’ll find a range of places you can visit with the map – Hadrian’s Wall, Sandbach and Offa’s Dyke among them. Use the colours and symbols to delve into different archaeological periods, from the Stone Age to the early Middle Ages – set against a modern map base. The Ancient Britain map has a 1:625 000 scale and is double sided to cover the whole of Britain. Inside you’ll also find lists of museums to visit and suggested reading, should you want to explore Ancient Britain further – which we’re sure you will!

Ancient Britain map

British First World War Trench Maps

We were honoured to help reproduce four British First World War Trench Maps for Ordnance Survey (OS) – a sobering but important project. The trench maps were reissued to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One. It’s thought that more than 33 million British maps focused on the Western Front alone were created in the war years, the majority by Ordnance Survey. The trench maps have standard mapping as their backdrop and are overprinted with information such as targets, defences and trenches. The National Library of Scotland played a key role in helping create the reproduction maps. Further information about World War One mapping can be found using its online maps library.


Heritage Cartography Manchester 1845

This is part of a national series of maps of villages and towns in Britain in the mid-1800s, during the Industrial Revolution. The map reflects this period of huge industrial and social change, making it a must-buy for those interested in the era. Early large-scale surveys carried out by Ordnance Survey form the basis of this map of Manchester. You’ll spot plenty of markers of industry, from cotton mills to dye works and coal wharfs. Each map is produced in the style used by early Victorian cartographers, adding to their authenticity. Why not pick up a map of your town or village, to see how it looked at the time?

manchester 1845 map

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