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Roger Gilson, Operations Director at Dennis Maps

Dennis Maps offers a range of services, including printing large format posters. We catch up with Roger Gilson, our Operations Director, to find out more. He’s worked for Dennis Maps since it was founded and knows everything there is to know about the service!

What are the benefits of a business using large formats posters?

Dennis Maps can print posters from A4 right up to over A0. At the top end of the scale, the size has an incredible visual impact. Whatever size a customer chooses, large format posters are an effective way of advertising a business and attracting attention. They’re a powerful way to deliver your message, whether that message is aimed at a large audience or a select target market.

There’s something quite special about Dennis Maps’ large format poster printing service. Can you tell us what it is?

We can fold large format posters down to an easy-to-use size. This creates a fantastic folded promotional product for customers. For example, our maximum size 1050mm x 1485mm posters can neatly fold down to A4 size. We can also begin with the final folded size and work with you to create your design from the inside out. Our folding service is our unique selling point and something many printers don’t offer.

What sizes can customers choose for their posters?

As mentioned, we can print from A4 (1050mm) right up to over A0 size (1485mm) posters. We’re flexible around customer requirements and can usually accommodate most sizing requests. Contact us to find out more.

Large Format Printing Sizes

large format print sizes

What types of paper can large format posters be printed on?

We have a range of FSC-certified paper to choose from, including matte, silk and gloss options. They’re available in a selection of weights too, from 115gsm to 200gsm. Dennis Maps has access to a vast library of materials and can also source stock from elsewhere, should you have a different requirement. Looking to laminate your poster? We can do that too!

Can posters be printed double as well as single sided?

Posters can be printed either single or double sided, depending on your requirements. If you’re not sure which option is best for your business, we’re here to offer guidance.

Can you tell us a bit about the machines the posters are printed on?

We use a large format litho printing press, a KBA Rapida 162a, which is great value for money when you’re printing in large quantities. It runs at 4,500 sheets per hour! Posters can be printed digitally too, on our Ricoh Digital Press or Canon ColorWave 3800 digital print devices, which are perfect for print runs under 250 sheets.

Talk us through the process of creating a large format poster at Dennis Maps.

When a customer contacts us, we go over the size, spec and quantity of their order. Then our expert team provide a personalised quote. If that’s accepted, we’ll agree a production schedule. Once we have the files, we prepare everything for print and send customers a hard copy or digital proof to approve. Then the poster goes to print, is left to dry and cut to size on our large format guillotine. It can be folded at this stage too, if required. After this, we package everything up, wrap it securely and it’s collected by a delivery company, to be sent to a specified address.

You offer a complete end to end service – what does this mean?

It means we can deliver the whole service from beginning to end. We print, fold (if required) and package the product, ready for it be delivered to a customer’s chosen address. We can also source presentation boxes for posters, arrange for logos or text to be printed on the box, and package the box professionally with tissue paper and customised stickers. Not all printers offer this.

Are posters recyclable once they’ve served their purpose?

Yes, as a business we’re committed to protecting our planet and being environmentally friendly wherever possible. All our posters can be recycled, even if they’re laminated.

Get in touch to find out more about the service.

Top tips for creating a large format poster

  • Don’t forget to leave a 3mm bleed on the design file you send to us. This means we have a margin for potential trimming differences when we trim the poster to its final size.
  • Keep important information on your poster at least 3mm away from the poster’s final trim size, to avoid it being cut off by our large format guillotine machines!
  • If you need an image for your poster, we recommend stock images sites like Getty Images, Shutterstock, Unsplash, 500px and iStock for striking pictures.

Dennis Maps is one of the leading map printers in the world, producing more than two million maps and charts every year. We offer comprehensive pre-press services, large format print solutions using both large format litho printing and large format digital print technologies, plus specialised map folding and map finishing techniques. Contact us to find out more about large size printing near me.

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