If you’re looking to print something sizeable, our large format digital printing service could be the perfect solution. “Large format digital printing allows our clients to use striking text and images to deliver content with real impact. The communication power of ink on paper should never be underestimated,” says Steve Burry, Managing Director at Dennis Maps. Read on to find out all you need to know about this specialist printing service.

Endless possibilities

There are endless possibilities when it comes to large format digital printing. “The scope of what can be printed onto a large sheet of material is vast,” says Steve. Posters, maps, charts, CAD drawings, canvas prints and self-adhesive films… we’ve printed them all! Something else in mind? Contact us to see what we can do.

A customised service

Whatever you plan to print, we’ll customise our service to meet your unique requirements. We’re completely flexible around your printing needs and will guide you through the process of creating your product from start to finish, whether you want one copy or many more.


Large format digital printing service


Top of the range technology

Large format digital prints are produced on our two Canon ColorWave 3800 digital print devices, which are designed to work with a variety of graphic arts applications. They both benefit from Océ CrystalPoint toner technology, which is much more cost effective than conventional inkjet solutions. With CrystalPoint, prints dry very quickly and can be finished straight away – whether they need trimming, folding or packaging. It’s the perfect option if you need your printing finished speedily.

CrystalPoint creates a durable product that will withstand outdoor use – making it ideal for posters, maps and charts. It’s a sustainable solution too, with no ozone depleting emissions and minimal waste disposal. When you choose our large format printing service you get the benefits of toner and inkjet technology. It really is the best of both worlds.


Large format digital printing service


How CrystalPoint works

CrystalPoint operates on a principle known as Solid In – Solid out, a method that utilises a clean system that doesn’t need any solvents. Instead of ink, our printers use small, solid pearls, which are round to help them easily roll into the printer. Once they reach the printer, they’re heated to form a toner gel. The Imaging Devices then fire the gel onto your chosen material. These gel droplets are targeted with extreme precision for a perfectly accurate print. They keep their shape on all print mediums, ensuring a crisp finish that’s free from feathering – which can be a problem in conventional inkjet printing. The toner crystallises on the print material and is then well bonded to the media, for a long-lasting finish.

A wide selection of quality materials

We’ve got a large range of specialist media for you to print your product on and years of experience sourcing these materials from quality suppliers. Choose from a range of FSC-certified papers, including plain paper, map paper, recycled paper and poster paper. We also offer Tyvek (which is waterproof and tear proof), canvas and self-adhesive film. Got another material in mind? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss this.

Alternative printing options

We colour profile our large format digital printers to match our large format litho print quality, so you can choose between the two technologies. Large format litho printing is an excellent option if you’re planning a really large print run. It’s more cost effective for sizeable orders than its digital counterpart.

Looking to print something smaller in size? We print in smaller formats too, with our medium format digital print equipment printing up to SRA 3 (450mm x 320mm). Our Ricoh Pro C7200 printer is perfect for printing products like leaflets and map covers.

Why work with Dennis Maps?

We’re the UK’s premier map printer and can trace our heritage back to 1850. We’ve printed a huge range of products over the years, working with businesses large and small, across the public and private sectors. We’re also proud to be the trusted print partner of Ordnance Survey, Great Britain’s national mapping agency. Our skilled employees have years of experience in the industry and take pride in providing customers with the highest quality products. If you’re looking for a large format digital printing service, we’d love to help. Bigger is better at Dennis Maps!

Big Print Sizes

When you need high quality, large format printing, think Dennis Maps – we can help design and deliver the perfect printing solution for you and your business.


Dennis Maps is one of the leading map printers in the world, producing more than two million maps and charts every year. We offer comprehensive pre-press services, large format print solutions using both large format litho printing and large format digital print technologies, plus specialised map folding and map finishing techniques.

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