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The weather may be wintry, but we can get plenty of inspiration for adventure, even when we’re indoors. We’ve pulled together our top five podcasts to inspire your experiences in the great outdoors.

Overheard at National Geographic

Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall at Nat Geo? Well now you can be! The podcast’s premise is that it builds on the intriguing conversations overheard at the company’s HQ. Listen in and follow photographers, scientists and explorers as they venture to the furthest reaches of our wonderful world. Join photographer Esther Horvath as she discovers Ernest Shackleton’s lost ship, Endurance, explorer Andrés Ruzo in search of the Amazon’s “boiling river”, or a group of Nepali climbers as they scale “the savage mountain”, K2. Whichever episode you choose, it’ll open up a whole world of adventure.

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The Dirtbag Diaries

The Dirtbag Diaries began way back in 2007, inspired by the idea of sitting round a campfire sharing tales of adventure. It’s a collaboration between writers, artists, photographers and listeners, sharing stories, both serious and humorous, from wild places. Creator Fitz Cahall says “My goal is to nurture, strengthen and empower connections with the natural world. Simply put, I want people to shut their laptops and turn off their iPhones and go live the life they daydream about.” With more than 300 episodes, you can keep it playing throughout the autumn and beyond, to inspire your next big adventure.

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Living Adventurously

Join Alastair Humphreys, a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, to hear about ordinary people leading extraordinary lives. Alastair interviews a range of individuals – from artists to students – to find out what living adventurously means to them. He also discovers the universal obstacles that stood in the way of their adventures and how they overcame them. One listener says it will “give you the spark you need to live life more adventurously.” And what could be better than that? If you like what you hear, check out Alastair’s other podcasts – The Doorstep Mile and There Are Other Rivers, too.

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OS GetOutside

Ordnance Survey’s (OS) GetOutside podcast delves deep into Britain’s wild places. According to OS, “It’s a podcast so outdoorsy you can almost smell the wood smoke!”. GetOutside is packed with fascinating interviews and plenty of information and inspiration to get you active in the great outdoors. Each episode includes easy steps to help you make your outdoor adventures a reality, whether you’re in search of an epic adventure or a family-friendly outing. Not sure where to start? The ‘Take back your lunch break’ episode is designed for desk-bound dreamers, with advice for a more adventurous lunch break and commute.

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The Adventure Podcast

Episodes are delivered as long-form conversations with pioneers in discovery and exploration. Matt Pycroft, a filmmaker, presents the podcast and speaks to guests ranging from Arctic scientists to mountaineers, and everything in-between. Catch episode 78 with Sean Conway – who’s cycled across Europe and swam the length of Britain – for some serious inspiration. Then listen in to episode 57, to find out more about Ben Saunders, who broke the record for the longest polar venture by foot. Been describes what motivates him, giving listeners plenty of food for thought.

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Looking for something more specific? Then check out the podcasts below.

Hiking: Hiking Thru, Hiking Unfiltered, The Training For Trekking Podcast, The Distance Hiker Podcast
Running: Marathon Training Academy, Running for Real
Cycling: Bikes & Big Ideas, The Cycling Podcast
Water sports: Wild Swim Podcast, The Joy of SUP – The Paddleboarding Sunshine Podcast

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