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Marbled White Butterfly Conservation

The Big Butterfly Count is back this summer and you’re invited to take part! The event is an annual check of nature’s pulse that’s been held since 2010. It’s the world’s largest survey of butterflies, with hundreds of thousands of people taking part since it began. Will you join them this year?

From the marbled white to the speckled wood, there are plenty of beautiful butterflies to spot during the event. The Big Butterfly Count will be held between Friday 15th July and Sunday 7th August, across the UK. All you have to do is find a sunny spot and record the type and number of butterflies (and certain day-flying moths) you encounter over a 15-minute period. It doesn’t matter where you do your count – it could be a garden, park, forest or field.

Before you start, get the free iOS or Android app, where you’ll find a butterfly ID chart to identify the butterflies and moths you see.

You can also use the apps to instantly record what you spot. Don’t worry if you don’t have an app, you can still take part. The butterfly ID chart is available to download from the event’s website. Submit your results online by the end of August – simple!

Why count butterflies and moths?

Butterfly Conservation, the charity behind the cause, focuses on butterflies as they’re an important part of the ecosystem but are under threat, declining notably since the 1970s. Their decline is also an early alert for other wildlife losses, as they respond quickly to environmental changes. Butterfly numbers reflect the health of nature, so keeping track of them, in the Big Butterfly Count, helps our fight to protect nature.

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“Taking part in the Bug Butterfly Count is a small but crucial thing everyone can do. This information will not only help us to protect butterflies and moths but also help to inform what effect the changing climate is having on our biodiversity,” says Dr Zoe Randle, Senior Surveys Officer and Butterfly Conservation at the charity.

Keep up with the count

The Big Butterfly Count has a useful map where you can check out butterfly counts across the UK. You can also follow the event on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, using #ButterflyCount and #countthemtosavethem.

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