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The new edition of the London National Park City map is hot off our presses, showing the capital as you’ve never seen it before. It portrays London as a city of nature, with the great outdoors taking centre stage.

Hot off our presses – the London National Park City map

A world first

The large format, folded map celebrates and supports London’s National Park City status. Impressively, the capital became the first National Park City in the world in 2019. It’s about improving life in London for locals and visitors, connecting them with nature. These cities work to be greener, wilder and healthier for everyone – a worthy movement to get behind.

The capital goes green (and blue)

The unique map, from our customer Urban Good, covers Greater London and beyond. Gone are the usual buildings and street names you expect to see on a map, replaced with London’s glorious green and blue spaces. “It subverts the normal logic to prioritise buildings and roads on a map and instead removes them wholesale,” says Charlie Peel, the map’s designer. “You’re left with open space, which in this context is the main attraction.”

Inside the map you’ll find the capital’s greenery, including parks, woodland and nature reserves. Blue spaces are highlighted too, with rivers, canals, wetlands and lakes prominently displayed. Look out for symbols showing where you can enjoy outdoor pursuits. Think sailing, climbing peaks or even pitching a tent. Nature reserves and Areas of Outstanding National Beauty are also plotted, so you can find London’s most stunning spots.

A colourful new edition

This is the first major reprint of the London National Park City map since its 2017 release. The new edition is a complete redraw, with exciting updates on previous versions. “The third edition is a redraw from scratch, using different software and new data,” says Charlie. “It’s the most comprehensive map we’ve made yet.” The third edition is printed as a single-sided map. You can take it out when you explore, use it to plan adventures from the comfort of your home, or even display it on a wall, for a unique addition to your decor. Expect to see cleaner, clearer labels, bolder colours and more epic walks as well.

Getting from A to B

Handily, the map features public transport hubs, such as rail, overground, and tube stations. Urban Good has added six new walks to the edition too, developed with the Ramblers and other walking and green space charities. Now there are 14 incredible walks to choose from. From the London LOOP to the Colne Valley Way, you’ll find cross cutting routes starting from the centre, as well as classic ring routes. Which one will you pick first?

Explore more urban nature

You can get your London National Park City map for £9.99 with free postage. And don’t forget to check out the other maps in the series too! The London National Park City map is part of a selection of Urban Nature maps, which also includes Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

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