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The latest release from Marvellous Maps has barely left our printing presses and it’s already winning admirers. The Eagerly Beavered Great British Wildlife & Environment Map has been named Stanfords’ Map of the Month – a well-deserved accolade! The 10th offering from the famed Marvellous Maps series is a celebration of Britain’s wildlife and habitats – and a call to conserve them. It really packs an environmental punch, with over 1,500 conservation projects, wildlife habitats, green days out and eco events to discover.

great British wildlife map

What’s inside?

Open it to find a stunning, illustrated map featuring Britain’s top 50 wildlife and environment locations. It’s packed with an array of wildlife havens, including wetlands, grasslands, woodlands, uplands and coasts. You’ll spot all the info you need on the wildest flora and fauna to look out for across our isles, from seals in Scilly to orcas in Orkney. The map’s designed to inspire you, to explore, adore and help restore Britain’s species and their habitats.

How you can help

The map tackles the big environmental issues we face – from plastic pollution to climate change – head on. It’s not all doom and gloom though! You’ll find plenty of cracking suggestions for how you can help, from peaceful protest to supporting key charities. Plus, it features plenty of positive environmental stories to make you smile.

A totally wild trip

Flip the map over and you’ll find another highlight – the ultimate journey around Britain’s top 50 wildlife and environment destinations. It’s a chance to beaver your way around Britain, with a suggested route taking in the wildest sights our isles have to offer. You can tick them off as you go, with useful tick boxes next to each location. You’ll find out the most eco-friendly ways of getting to these lusted-after locations too.

Tick them off your bucket list

Look out for another map on the back as well, featuring the top 20 things to see in your lifetime. Here you’ll find unique wildlife and the best spots to find them. Get up early in Argyll to see busy beavers or eavesdrop on natterjack toads in Norfolk. The map features a guide to common wildlife too, with some not-commonly-known facts to wow your friends with. Did you know that a group of hedgehogs is called a prickle? Or that bats are more closely related to us than mice? Well now you do!

The main event(s)

A Marvellous Map wouldn’t be complete without its list of festival and events, and this is the wildest one we’ve seen yet. Have a peruse at what’s going on throughout the year, from World Wildlife Day to the Brecon Beacons’ Green Man Festival. It’s a curated list of 30 events to help you be inspired and delighted by the natural world.

Looking for more?

Look closely at the edge of the map and you’ll find wise words on the environment from famous figures like W. H. Auden and Winston Churchill. “Long live the weeds and the wilderness yet,” said Gerard Manley Hopkins and we couldn’t agree more. If all that’s given you plenty to ponder, there’s a section for notes on both sides of the map. And that’s not all. The Great British Wildlife & Environment Map is filled with loads of extra information and inspiration to guide you on your environmental journey. Look out for its guide to totally wild books, TV shows, films, websites and podcasts.

The Great British Wildlife & Environment Map is available in three formats – folded, flat and framed. Which one will you choose?

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